Price and Service Information – Road Traffic Offences

Price and Service Information – Road Traffic Offences

1. Introduction

Instructing solicitors can seem like a daunting process but it is easier if you clearly understand the scope of work that will be undertaken for you, how long it will take and how much you will be charged for this.

We are always very happy to discuss such matters with you, both before we undertake any work for you and at any point whilst any of your matters are progressing.
Transparency and a clear understanding of the scope of work, timescales for delivery and costs will be important for you, and are a fundamental part of our service, which has contributed in no small part to us building trusted, longstanding client relationships over a number of years. We would very much welcome the opportunity to start that journey with you too.

Since December 2018, in accordance with their Transparency Rules, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has required all solicitors to publish on their website certain key information for particular areas of legal work. You will find that information set out below for our legal services in connection with Road Traffic Offences.

Whilst we hope that you find this useful, because this information needs to cover a number of scenarios, it is unfortunately lengthy and not as simple as we would like it to be for you.
So, if you need any legal assistance and think that we may be able to help, please do contact us directly (whether over the telephone or by email) so that we can properly understand the assistance that you require and how best we can help you. This will then enable us to provide you with a tailored estimate of charges for your particular requirements, which we are sure will be much clearer and easier for you to understand since they will reflect your exact requirements.

If you would like to provide us with details of your particular circumstances and requirements, click here to request a detailed quote / to arrange a meeting. We would be very pleased to hear from you so that we can assist you with the clear and transparent information that you need.

2. Our Fees

This service has a unique pricing structure in order to take into account the particular nature of motoring offences . As each case involving motoring offences is very much dependent upon its own facts, our pricing information has to reflect this. Some cases may therefore require a variation to the general pricing structure set out below. Where this is necessary, this will be explained to you and agreed in advance .

In general, a fixed fee (plus VAT) will apply, based upon Tiers 1-4 set out below, dependent upon the complexity and amount of work involved. Cases are categorised according to the scope of work, as outlined under “Scope of Work” at 3 below.

Tier 1 case        £300 plus VAT
Tier 2 case        £400 plus VAT
Tier 3 case        £500 plus VAT
Tier 4 case        £750 plus VAT (per day, full or part)

VAT will normally apply at the Standard Rate of 20%.

3. Scope of Work

Included in our Fees will be the following work:

3.1 Tier 1 case

  • Making contact and taking preliminary instructions
  • Providing advice about the relevant law, procedures, evidence and deadlines, and the potential powers of the Court
  • Outlining the options available
  • Agreeing a course of action
  • Preparing a single written correspondence to the Prosecution (Police/CPS) and/or Court.

3.2 Tier 2 case

  • Completing additional correspondence or additional representations to the Prosecution or Court
  • Providing advice upon Legal Arguements (such as Exceptional Hardship or Special Reasons)
  • Representation at Court (1 hearing of a maximum 1 hour)

3.3 Tier 3 case

  •  Additional representation (in writing, or at 2nd hearing)

3.4 Tier 4 case

  • Trial Preparation and Advocacy
  • Additional representation or Advocacy

4. Disbursements

Disbursements are costs related to your matter that it is necessary for us to pay to other parties such as people like experts, businesses, agencies or other entities on your behalf. We will let you know in advance if you need to pay any disbursements and the amounts involved (including any VAT). We will also ask you to provide us with the funds in advance to pay these disbursements, if these have to be paid in respect of your case.

5. How long will my matter take?

This will depend upon a number of factors about your particular case (such as the stage in the process at which you seek advice, any previous action you have taken, the type of offences alleged against you and when the case is listed by the Court). This will be discussed when advice is provided to you .

6. Individuals dealing with your matter

Elizabeth Rowley

Elizabeth is a highly experienced criminal advocate and practitioner, having previously worked for a number of high profile crime and legal aid practices. Elizabeth has also acted as an accredited police station adviser and qualified Magistrates court duty solicitor, dealing with all types of crime from murder, through to offences relating to social media, and regulatory matters. She also has experience of dealing with motoring crime.

An Associate in the Regulatory team, Elizabeth deals with corporate and white collar crime, including health and safety cases, environmental pollution, as well as shipping and commercial fisheries breaches. Elizabeth regularly assists our commercial clients, and their employees, in the event that they encounter issues with the police or regulatory bodies. She can also advise proactively and is experienced in protecting a client’s interest when interviewed by the police and regulators. If matters proceed to court, Elizabeth is also an experienced court advocate.





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